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Chocolate Macadamia & Almonds COMBO Jars

Chocolate Macadamia & Almonds COMBO Jars

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Product description

Rich & luxurious chocolate covered Macadamia nuts and dry-roasted crunchy Almonds. This irresistible combo for sure gonna tickle your core.


Finest Cocoa
We carefully select the finest cocoa beans around the world. Our unique roasting & grinding process gives our chocolate its beautiful aroma and velvety texture!
No Milk Solids
Darker the chocolate, healthier it is. So, we don’t use milk solids as it only increases the level of fat in the chocolate.
No Veg/Palm Oil
Our chocolate is sustainably produced and free from harmful & hazardous veg/palm oil.
Best Ingredients
To give you the best, our nuts are sourced from all over the world, namely Australia, Brazil, Canada, Turkey etc.
No Preservatives/Chemicals
Unlike popular mainstream chocolate brands, no artificial additives like preservatives, chemicals are used in our products.

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