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One sinful combination that we have all enjoyed since childhood is the one of chocolate and crunchy nuts.

Remember giving your crush a box of golden wrapped chocolates with a crunchy center? Or buying the last-minute box of small almond shaped chocolates with a mix of dry fruits as a Rakhi gift or for someone’s birthday? 

Because chocolates were just not enough, the addition of crunchy nuts to them just did the trick, and made the indulgence/gifting look, feel and taste classier. 

But in the last decade, we have evolved as a consumer group that is more informed and conscious. At Nutkets, we realised that more than 95% of the chocolate in India is adulterated beyond belief due to too much artificial additives and chemicals. So, Nutkets was born out of our need to put together the flavorful twosome naturally and sustainably and bring the choco-nutty goodness to all. 

With zero additives like preservatives, veg/palm oil, refined sugar and other chemicals, we have the most innate version of the chocolate and nuts duo in our wide array of product list.


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