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What is Nutkets all about..

12 Jul 2023

It all started around 2016 that despite our deep love for Chocolates, we were sick and tired with the quality of chocolate sold in India. Everywhere we looked, all the chocolates seemed to be of poorer quality, adulterated and same old bars that were manufactured by the brands older than our dad. India was becoming a dumping ground for all the cheap quality products.


Fuelled by our passion and frustration, we set out on a daring plan - to create something extraordinary - something that had never been tasted before - to make the most delicious chocolate-nut combination of all time. Chocolate that was free of all the troubles we encountered.


Soon, we made it our mission to produce Indian Chocolate Nuts that could go head-to-head with anything offered across the world.


So, we set off on an exciting adventure with a plan, some bags of nuts and a lot of creative ideas!


The journey began with some intensely exciting research - which direction to go in, what ingredients to include, what shapes & sizes to make. 😃 We wanted to create a product that would make people smile, one that sang with the sweet aroma of chocolate and the crunch & nutrition of the nuts. 🍫


It was a journey that wasn't easy. We spent months researching, while tasting delicious and different chocolates from all over the world, to come up with the perfect recipe🤩 We were determined to make high quality, vegan, and preservative-free chocolates, using the best ingredients.


After months of formulating and combining ingredients, we developed our own award-winning signature recipe, combining the richness of Belgian Chocolate with the crunch and nutrition of Almonds, Pistachios, Cashews, Hazelnuts, Macadamia Nuts, Pecan Nuts, Brazil Nuts etc.


We had to figure out the right paperwork, regulations and permits, the right manufacturing equipment and tools, the right resources, brainstorming names and branding ideas, designing packaging and creating a stunning website - to ensure a spectacular and splendid experience for our customers. 🧐. But we kept pushing, learning, and growing with every step.


And thus, after years of hard work and dedication, the NUTKETS was born. We quickly formed a dedicated team that was devoted to the cause.


We built the business with a passion for quality, creating our treats with the finest ingredients. All of the chocolate products & nuts are sourced directly from the finest producers in the world, ensuring we provide our customers with the best tasting treats.


People all over the country are enjoying our delicious and unique concoctions. They quickly realized that the taste, quality, and nutrition of our chocolate nuts far exceeded their expectations & the market standards. Seeing the overwhelmingly positive response, we knew that all our efforts and hard work had paid off.


We couldn't have been more proud and thankful to the people who put in their trust, energy and passion in making NUTKETS a success. 😇


Now, we are the top-selling chocolate nuts brand in India.


We continue to innovate and strive to make new varieties, adding exotic nuts and developing various special recipes. The journey so far has been amazing and we are super proud of what we achieved. 😇


No matter where in India you travel, people now have the privilege of tasting the delicious chocolate nuts created by the one and only NUTKETS ! 💛


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